Albert House, Albert Drive, Sheerwater, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5JZ

Chenfeng Li

We bought a VW Tiguan from Billy of VW Audi Buckingham. My wife always wants a reverse camera. But the car only came with all-around parking sensors. Apparently adding a reverse camera in this car is not a straightforward job. Because the dashboard screen is already used to show the visual of the all-around parking sensors, how is it going to show the camera image? To that, Billy was very nice sourcing the right devices to ensure we benefit from both the camera and the all-around parking sensors. The new device, which reportedly can show the camera image and the sensor image on the same screen, is very expensive. To alleviate the cost, Billy bought the computer of the old sensor (which will be useless to us when the new is fitted) from us. That is very kind of him. We’ve driven the car for a week now. We are just waiting for the new camera to be delivered and fitted. Fingers crossed. Billy said many times that it’s easy to sell cars. But it is hard to make sure customers are happy to refer new customers and come back to them when another car is needed. He told me all of the cars are fully checked and MOT’d before they are sold. I think what he does shows. Our Tiguan definitely looks and drives like new. Many of my neighbours have already come to see our new car, and some of them are going to see Billy soon.